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Japanese Ornaments - Absolute Koi

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Japanese Ornaments

We have a good selection of Garden Features that will enhance your own garden and pond, whether you are trying to create that special Japanese theme or just wishing to have something to add that hidden interest.

Our beautiful granite stone lanterns, stone water basins, stone statues and bridges are carved from solid top quality granite.

We offer a range of authentic top quality granite products prized by the Japanese, which are unavailable elsewhere in Europe at unbeatable prices.

All our granite items are hand carved using modern power tools and hand tools and are of the best quality
These traditional Japanese lanterns are essential to give authenticity to a Japanese garden, and yet will grace any garden.  Different from the ordinary garden light, they are decorative, longlasting and totally practical. All designs are delivered in easy to assemble sections.  Most are also pre-drilled to enable easy connection to electric cabling.   

All lanterns are hand crafted from natural granite and are frost resistant, improving in appearance with time.

A selection of Japanese granite garden furniture, providing a useful but attractive feature in your garden.  They can last a lifetime with no painting or re-treating required.  This granite furniture will last as long as your garden and look just as good as the day you bought it.

Purely decorative but timeless and classical, Japanesse statues have a style all of their own.  A statue or piece of Japanese sculpture will enhance any garden and create a beautiful centre piece.


Featured Products

Tai Rondo (Round Table) 1...
Tai Rondo (Round Table) 120 cm Dia x 75 cm H

Absolute Koi specialise in the supply of granite garden ornaments in the UK along with bamboo, cast iron an...

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775.00 (Buy Now)

Kitasaga Rokkaku Toro 120...
Kitasaga Rokkaku Toro 120 cm Height


The "Kasuga" is probably the defini...

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575.00 (Buy Now)

Sumo 30 cm Dia x 35 cm He...
Sumo 30 cm Dia x 35 cm Height


Simple Japanese "Oki-Gata" gra...

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115.00 (Buy Now)

Oribe 90 cm Height
Oribe 90 cm Height


One of the oldest known Japanese lanterns firs...

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245.00 (Buy Now)

Oribe 120 cm Height
Oribe 120 cm Height


One of the oldest known Japanese lanterns firs...

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495.00 (Buy Now)

Kakudai Kaku 75 cm Height
Kakudai Kaku 75 cm Height


Rankei style lantern 300/450/600mm diameter, ...

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235.00 (Buy Now)

Koya Yani 15cm SQ x 95cm ...
Koya Yani 15cm SQ x 95cm Height

Ikekomi-gata  (Koya Yani)

(No base and with pede...

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210.00 (Buy Now)

Rokkaku Yukimi 30 cm Dia...
Rokkaku Yukimi  30 cm Dia x 38 cm Height


Rokkaku-Yukimi granite lantern: 300/45...

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175.00 (Buy Now)