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Evolution Aqua Switchbox
Introducing Evolution Aqua Switch Boxes, an innovative range of external switch boxes ideal for controlling all types of electrical garden products.

Evolution Aqua’s range of Matsuko external switch boxes are ideal for controlling all types of electrical garden products.

They allow a high level of flexibility and ease when it comes to controlling more than one appliance.

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Ea One Koi Food

Ea One Koi Food is a revolutionary new food based on common sense. Ea One koi Food contains what carp actually eat in the wild... worms, crustacea, vegetation, and because they don't eat fish in the wild - NO fish meal!

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KHV Elisa Blood Test Result

We are pleased to tell you that CEFAS have confirmed that all Blood Tests that were submitted for the KHV ELISA Tests (KHV Antibody Detection) are All NEGATIVE,meaning that they have not been exposed to Koi Herpes Virus  

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New Elecro 700 EVO Pond heater

Introducing the New Elecro 700 EVO Stainless Steel Aquatic heater which has been designed especially for the Fish & Koi market place. The New Elecro 700 EVO Stainless Steel Aquatic heater offers all-season temperature control for professional fish keepers, breeders & hobbyists.

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Featured Products

Oase ProfiClear Premium B...
Oase ProfiClear Premium Bitron Gravity 55 Watt
After 3 years in development, Oase have rel...
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Performance Pro Artesian ...
Performance Pro Artesian Pro Pumps

Performance Pro Artesian Pro Pumps

PerformancePro ArtesianPro is the pump you need for...

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Oase OxyTex Set 1000 CWS
Oase OxyTex Set 1000 CWS

This world innovation, The Oase OxyTex 1000 CWS, combines 2 important filter system functions: Aeration and...

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Superfish Pond ECO Plus R...
Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC 10000
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Oase BioTec Premium 80000...
Oase BioTec Premium 80000 EGC

The next evolution of the drum, OASE filter technolog...

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Perfect Pump 13000
Perfect Pump 13000

The Perfect Pump 13000 is manufactured in Germany to the highest quality and standards.

The Perfect...

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Evolution Aqua Evo UV 25 ...
Evolution Aqua Evo UV 25 watt

Absolute Koi are proud to announce the development of a range of new ultraviolet lights.

Evolution ...

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Speck Badu Eco Touch Pump...
Speck Badu Eco Touch Pumps

The New Badu Eco Touch

Introducing the New Badu Eco Touch self-priming circulation pump, thanks to...

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