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Kusuri Eco Active

Kusuri Eco Active

Kusuri Eco Active is a Non-toxic, chemical free treatment for reduction of pathogenic bacteria in a pond.

Eco Active stands for Ecologically-friendly Active ingredients.

Kusuri Eco Active is a plant and herb product which has been researched and developed over the past three years, enabling Kusuri to release into the market a cost-effective alternative to harsh chemical treatments. Kusuri Eco Active is a water treatment and not a medicinal product. Kusuri Eco Active must not be confused with Sabbactisun or Parazoryne previously sold by Kusuri; Kusuri Eco Active is a brand new formulation, allowing us to pass on substantial savings to our customers.

Many trials with independent Koi keepers has resulted in a unique formulation that will improve the aquatic environment. Kusuri Eco Active water treatment will aid the recovery of fish suffering from Ulcers, Dropsy, Fin rot and parasite infestation.

For best results use between 18°C and 22°C either in a quarantine system or pond. 5 Litres of Kusuri Eco Active will treat 2000 gallons over a ten day period, one application per day. If there is a large amount of organic matter/blanket weed in the pond, this will reduce the effectiveness of Eco Active.

Store at room temperature preferably in the dark, do not freeze. Shake well prior to each application. Dilute each dose prior to application and add slowly to the system over a thirty minute period.

At the moment 5 Litres can be used as a ten day application for a 2000 gallon pond. If the demand is there, we will bring out a more concentrated version which could be used in a 5000 gallon pond over a ten day period.

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