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GM Vortex Filters

GM Vortex Filters

Vortex filters are designed to provide  reliable, low maintenance pre filtration for ponds. The primary function of Vortex filters is to pre filter all the large waste and debris that would normally accumulate on the bottom of ponds especially Koi ponds. Vortex filters provide the first stage in filtration (mechanical stage) and if installed correctly can filter out as much as 80% of the organic matter that passes through them.

Vortex filters, as mentioned above are primarily used as the first or mechanical stage of any filtration system and therefore should be placed as the first filter at the start of any filtration installation. In standard installations, water from the bottom of the pond is fed direct into the vortex filter by means of a bottom drain or drains, this water is fed  together with waste and other debris directly into the vortex chamber via either  4" or 110mm pipe.  You will notice from the image, that the inlet pipe to the vortex is offset, as the water enters the vortex the water within the vortex adopts a 'spiral' motion which is a vortes and from where the filter derives it's name.

This 'spiral' motion within the filter causes the waste and debris within the water to settle into the bottom of the vortex chamber where it then collects. This debris will accululate waiting to be 'Flushed' away via the Slide Valve/ball which should be fitted to the external pipework that has been installed as part of your filtration system.

The Vortex comes in two designs with both Fixed and Universal outlets:

Fixed Outlet:

The return or outlet is in a fixed position 180° opposite the main inlet.

Universal Outlet:

The return or outlet manifold can be installed to suit the customer’s individual requirements to align with the exact positioning of the next filter bay.

The waste outlet is taken from the base of the cone shaped settlement area and protrudes through the side wall in the base of the vortex, it is from here that all the sediment that has been collected is drained and flushed away. As easy as that!

ModelDia cmHeight cm
Vortex Small 61 78
Vortex Medium 70 94
Vortex Large 92 140

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
FIL371Vortex Small (Universal Outlet)250.00 Add to Cart
FIL381Vortex Small (Fixed Outlet)265.00 Add to Cart
FIL441Lid for Small Vortex65.00 Add to Cart
FIL372Vortex Medium (Universal Outlet)295.00 Add to Cart
FIL382Vortex Medium (Fixed Outlet)310.00 Add to Cart
FIL442Lid for Medium Vortex65.00 Add to Cart
FIL373Vortex Large (Universal Outlet)615.00 Add to Cart
FIL383Vortex Large (Fixed Outlet)630.00 Add to Cart
FIL443Lid for Large Vortex85.00 Add to Cart
FIL419Fibreglass 4 inch Inlet/ Outlet50.00 Add to Cart