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Koi Food >> Automatic Koi Feeders >> Aqua Forte koi Feeder - Battery or Mains Power

Aqua Forte koi Feeder - Battery or Mains Power

Aqua Forte koi Feeder - Battery or Mains Power

With the new Aqua Forte koi Feeder now you can feed your koi up to 6 times a day, no matter if you are at home or away your koi will still eat on time and stay healthy and grow faster.

This new Aqua Forte koi Digital Koi Feeder which is fully CE approved has been designed with the aquatic enthusiast in mind and enables a comprehensive range of feeding patterns which can be programmed for continuous feeding through all seasons. 

Feeding small amounts at frequent intervals is scientifically known to be the best of techniques for the benefit of both fish & filtration systems, and the computer controller with digital display allows just this. Up to 6 feeds a day over any given period are possible, with full control over the exact amount being fed.

Aqua Forte koi Feeder Unique features

  • Can feed up to 6 times per day

  • Food quantity per feeding can be set freely
Each feeding time can be set

  • Manual feeding button

  • LED display panel,
  • Can display clock and feeding parameters
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Works on 4 "C/LR14" 1,5 V batteries(not included)
  • 12V transformer (included!)

  • 5L food capacity

  • Removable locking lid and food tank for easy cleaning - Clip angles included
  • Battery Power or 12 volt transformer.
  • 12 volt transformer with 5m cable included.
  • 1 year warranty
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