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Pond Regulator  PDF File for Pond Regulator

Pond Regulator

All ponds experience a build-up of organic solids and suspended solids which reduce water clarity and quality, and cause the biological filter to clog. Furthermore, excess fish food, leaves, dead algae and fish waste all contribute to a layer of sludge which, unless depleted, severely disrupts the ecosystem in your pond leading to health problems for your fish.

PondRegulator is a natural, scientifically formulated culture which safely cleanses and clarifies your pond. It maintains the stability of your biofilm, meaning your filters require less frequent cleaning. It also gets rid of the build-up of complex organic sludge and reduces free inorganic nutrients, to produce clear and healthy water.

What else does PondRegulator do?

PondRegulator improves and stabilizes the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration within the pond, vital for maintaining the health of your fish.

It depletes the bacteria in sludge that produce noxious gasses, which not only smell bad but can be toxic to fish.

It helps reduce surface foaming, preventing unsightly staining and the formation of brown scum on the pond surface.

PondRegulator even slows down the build-up of organic waste. It stabilises a new pond, minimizing the load on new filters and reducing the risk of your fish being poisoned by toxins.

PondRegulator – it’s the natural solution for ponds.

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