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IO-SAL Treatment for Ulcers, Wounds, Raised Scales, Damaged fins & infected areas on fish.

IO-SAL is applied directly to the infected area, simply remove any dead tissue and apply liberally. IO-SAL will kill all bacteria on contact and help the fish naturally seal it's own wound, resulting in safer and quicker healing.


  • After removing any dead tissue/apply liberally to the infected area.
  • Maintain contact for 1-2 seconds then release the fish-no need to keep on anesthesia.
  • Repeat daily for 4 days-then 2-3 days until satisfactory healings noted.
  • Ensure root cause of illness is investigated in all cases of disease.
  • IO-SAL will kill all bacteria on contact and will help the fish to NATURALLY seal its own wound, resulting in safer and quicker healing.

Io-sal Topical treatment for open wounds in most types of fish. Wipes out Bacteria on Contact, giving your fish the protection and chance it needs to regenerate tissue, mucus and scales. Treats Bacterial / Fungicidal / Virucidal / Sporicidal / AntiPrasitic / Antiseptic. Io-sal is proven to massively improve your fish's chances when suffering from: Ulcers / Abrasions / Sores / Fin Rot / Open Wounds etc.

Io-sal is so simple, unlike other topical treatments theres no need to apply several different stages, just apply Io-sal, leave for a few seconds, then release the fish. After just one application there's usually no need to re-anaesthetise. Io-sal stimulates the fish to produce it's own natural mucus, better than a chemical one! Depending on the progress sate, it is advised that Io-sal be used every day for 2-3 days, then every 2-3 days until healed