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Kockney Koi 10000V Filter

Kockney Koi 10000V Filter

Kockney Koi 10000V Fibreglass Multi Chamber Filters

The 10000V is a high quality, free-standing, fibreglass, four bay, filter with integral vortex designed to improve your fish’s environment. Its “state-of-the art” multi chamber ensures maximum filtration with the minimum of maintenance.

The unit is suitable for fish ponds of up to 10,000 litres and a maximum flow rate of 6,000 litres ph. However, with lighter stocking densities or in fish free ponds the 10000 V will comfortably cope with larger volumes. The integral Vortex enhances the unit's performance and reduces the maintenance intervals.


Bay 1Bay 2Bay 3Bay 4 

Eight 16" long x 8"  dia polypropylene filter brushes - They are of a semi-rigid construction with a wire loop at the end for easy installation


Blue matting - This is an excellent filter media as it has an excellent bio-mass retention and its open texture removes large particles from the water

Six layers of sponge with varying layers of porosity, two large foam blocks and a layer of flocor.

Filled with Flocor.The large surface area of Flocor tubes makes it an ideal filter media.



  • 81” long x 21” wide x 24” Deep
  • Maximum flow rate 6,000 litre per hour
  • Three drainage points - (Accepts 1.5" solvent weld pipe for remote drainage)
  • Supplied with 3 1.5" Kockney Koi Ball Valves

The pump fed model has a 4" inlet and outlet while the gravity fed model has a 4" inlet and 1.5" outlet.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
10000VG10000 V Gravity Fed No Media495.00 Add to Cart
10000VGM10000 V Gravity Fed with Media650.00 Add to Cart
10000VP10000 V Pump Fed No Media505.00 Add to Cart
10000VPM10000 V Pump Fed with Media665.00 Add to Cart
10000VL10000 V Lid40.00 Add to Cart