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Proline Multibay Filters

Proline Multibay Filters

Suitable for systems between 1000 and 3000 gallons at normal stocking rates. A superbly built unit and must rate amongst the strongest and professionally finished on the UK market.

One of the great features of the Multi-Bay filter is that it has a narrow profile, which allows it to fit where other filters may not.

  • All filters supplied complete with pipework installed and filter media support trays.
  • Valves and media can be supplied at an extra cost depending on personal choice.

This range of Filtration Systems are, built to the highest possible standards, in G.R.P. (fibreglass) and will provide excellent performance for quite some time.

Filter ModelProline S2FProline S3FProline S4FProline S5F
Length 80 cm 98 cm 128 cm 159 cm
Width 60 cm 61 cm 61 cm 159 cm
Height 56 cm 72 cm 72 cm 61 cm
Pond Size 1000 gals. 1500 gals. 2500 gals. 3000 gals.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
S5FProline S5F Filter 3000 Gallon Pond Size0.00 Add to Cart
S2FProline S2F Filter 1000 Gallon Pond Size295.00 Add to Cart
S3FProline S3F Filter 1500 Gallon Pond Size395.00 Add to Cart
S4FProline S4F Filter 2500 Gallon Pond Size495.00 Add to Cart