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Saki Hikari Balance & Saki Hikari Growth Combo

Saki Hikari Balance & Saki Hikari Growth Combo

Not sure what Hikari diet you should be feeding your Koi?  Let Absolute Koi help you with our custom combinations. Plus you will save yourself a few Pound with these deals!

Can't decide? Why not mix them!

By mixing Saki Hikari diets you can obtain superior results while offering your Koi a varied diet. You wouldn't like to eat the same food 365 days a year, nor do your Koi! To provide some variety for your Koi, try these combinations:

Combination 2

Combination 5

Feed when you want to increase your koi's growth during the months when your water temperatures are warmer.

  • Use a higher percentage of the diet offering the effect you desire  (Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing or Saki Hikari Growth Diet).
  • For the best color-enhancement, we recommend a mix that includes a color enhancing diet comprising no less than 35% of the total quantity being fed.
  • For mixes using Saki-Hikari we recommend using only Saki-Hikari series diets to obtain the full probiotics effect.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
COM22 kg Saki Hikari Balance Diet & 2 kg Saki Hikari Growth Diet69.95 Add to Cart
COM55 kg Saki Hikari Balance Diet & 5 kg Saki Hikari Growth Diet147.95 Add to Cart