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BaoBio HikuiMed

BaoBio HikuiMed

BaoBio HikuiMed is a topical treatment for hikui disease on ornamental carp. Hikui is a degenerative disease restricted to the red (hi) pigment cells on the skin of koi. Prized koi are damaged by Hikui, resulting in great disappointment to the koi keeper. The appearance of the fish becomes aesthetically displeasing and the fish may not be suitable for contention at koi shows.

  • A new generation natural topical treatment.
  • Designed to be used by the hobyist.
  • Stops progress of hikui from first application.
  • Effective against hikui disease and carp pox.
  • Effective treatment for blemishes and scars.
  • Aids tissue repair and healing.

The cause of Hikui disease is a highly debatable technical issue in current koi keeping circles. There are a range of beliefs that Hikui disease is more prevalent in pond systems with poor solids removal, high exposure to sunlight and some even believe that it is a genetic disposition to the bloodline of the fish. A strong body of evidence suggests that Hikui disease is typical of a viral lesion. Nevertheless, BaoBio HikuiMed is an effect product that eradicates this lesion known as Hikui and other viral lesions such as carp-pox.

The product efficacy is dependant on a unique formulation containing only natural ingredients. BaoBio HikuiMed will stop the spread of the lesion from the first application. Continuous use will reduce the size of the lesion until the skin is fully healed. BaoBio HikuiMed contains ingredients that will aid regeneration of skin tissue and minimise the formation of scar tissue. The product contains an easy to use applicator brush. All raw materials are of the highest standard and will result in healing of the lesion, followed by good re-growth of skin tissue. It is imperative to note that complete eradication of Hikui is a slow process and the hobbyist must be diligent about continued treatment to ensure repair of the damaged tissue.

The application of BaoBio HikuiMed is simple, yet effective, and can be performed by the average hobbyist. The fish is anaesthetised in a bath or vat and removed onto a moist working mat. The wound is blotted dry using an absorbent paper pad. Dead or flaking skin must be gently removed. BaoBio HikuiMed is painted onto the lesion generously, allowing the active ingredients to soak into the affected area. No drying is necessary and the fish can be returned to water soon after application. Healing will be noticeable within 1 week. Repeat application weekly until the lesion has stabilized. A cosmetic application can thereafter be applied 1 to 2 times a month to aid with regeneration of the skin tissue. Complete regeneration will take time and is dependant on temperature, diet and water condition.