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BaoBio WoundMed

BaoBio WoundMed

BaoBio WoundMed is a topical treatment for wounds and ulcers on ornamental carp. The product has been developed and tested over the last five years, with excellent results when compared to other products for similar applications.

  • A new generation topical treatment for wounds on fish.
  • Designed to be used by the hobyist.
  • Stops bacterial and fungal infection on wounds.
  • Ensures rapid tissue repair.
  • Prevents the formation of scar tissue

The product efficacy is dependant on the unique treatment and application technique. We have therefore introduced an atomising spray nozzle, which enables application of a quick drying micro layer on the wound. This enables rapid drying, efficient transfer of the essential ingredients to the damaged tissue and delays the “treatment wash-out effect” commonly observed with thick layer application. It also minimises the time that the fish needs to spend out of water under anaesthetic.

Additionally we have designed the product to function as a treatment to bacterial infection as well as fungal infection, which is usually present at the heel of a bacterial infection associated with ulcer disease. The product also comprises a host of natural ingredients to promote rapid tissue regeneration. All raw materials are of the highest standard and you are guaranteed of a rapid healing on wounds, followed by good re-growth of skin tissue. The application will also minimize the formation of scar tissue on the site of the wound

The application of BaoBio WoundMed is simple yet effective and can be performed by the average hobbyist. The fish is anaesthetised in a bath or vat and removed onto a moist working mat. The wound is blotted dry using an absorbent paper pad. BaoBio WoundMed is sprayed onto the infected area and allowed to dry. Drying time can be minimised by assisted positive air-drying. A second micro-layer of BaoBio WoundMed can be sprayed on, if desired. Once the wound is dry to the touch, the fish can be returned to water. Healing will be noticeable within 3 to 5 days. Repeat application every 7 days until a new skin layer has formed on the wound.

BaoBio WoundMed is specifically designed for treatment of infections on the skin. If the fish also has an internal infection, injectable antibiotic treatment may be necessary, while BaoBio WoundMed can be used simultaneously to aid healing of the damaged skin tissue. The product is particularly useful in smaller fish, where the use of antibiotics could cause severe damage to the kidneys and liver of the fish. BaoBio WoundMed will replace the use of antibiotics, if the wound is detected at an early stage and the infection has not become systemic (internal). BaoBioWoundMed has also been designed, such that the average koi keeper can administer the treatment easily and effectively.