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BaoBio Koi Pond Tablets

BaoBio Koi Pond Tablets

BaoBio Koi is a highly innovative new product that has been designed to encompass multiple beneficial effects in one product for use in koi ponds. The product is formulated containing naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and food grade ingredients. BaoBio Koi enhances water quality and fish health and is specifically designed for use in ornamental koi ponds.

The product has the following key effects:

  • Reduces pathogen load and the occurrence of ulcer disease
  • Reduces ammonia levels
  • Reduces nitrite levels
  • Reduces nitrate levels
  • Reduces phosphate levels
  • Reduces other organic wastes such as organic carbon
  • Improves water clarity

The bacterial consortium contained in BaoBio Koi reduces the concentration of pathogenic disease causing bacteria, such as Aeromonas spp and Pseudomonas spp. in pond water. This results in a prophylactic effect against ulcer disease of koi. BaoBio Koi further enhances water quality by reduction in the concentration of various waste metabolites. These two effects synergistically improve fish health, resulting in improved appetite and growth rate of fish, while ensuring a biologically stable pond system. The product also reduces sludge build-up in the pond system, and results in enhanced flow rate and performance of both mechanical and biological filter stages.

  • Contains naturally occurring bacteria.
  • Prevents the occurrence of bacterial ulcers on koi.
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrite, nitrate & phosphate.
  • Degrades other organic and inorganic wastes.
  • Works across complete ranges of pH, hardness, salinity and temperature.
  • Stable and does not require refrigeration.

BaoBio Koi is available in a kit form containing two types of tablets (BaoBio Koi 1 and BaoBio Koi 2), each one containing unique properties to ensure superior biological effects. Each tablet is dosed at a rate of 1 tablet per 10m3, alternating between BaoBio Koi 1 and BaoBio Koi 2 once weekly. The product can be optionally activated, by adding the required number of tablets to 1 litre of tap water and aerating for 12 – 18 hours before adding to the pond or filter water.

BaoBio Koi is perfectly safe and the dosage can be increased as desired, without detriment to any living organisms, including plants. The product is stable at ambient temperature, and the proprietary formulation technology ensures high levels of activity for storage periods of up to 2 years.

BaoBio Koi is produced through a unique process to ensure affordability, such that the product can be used as a prophylactic throughout the year. BaoBio Koi is functional across the physiological range of survival for koi regarding environmental temperature, pH, salinity and water hardness.