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AquaForte Smart Sieve


AquaForte Smart Sieve

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AquaForte Smart Sieve

AquaForte introduces the new Smart Sieve, a breakthrough in production technology and price range!

The new innovative filter is a gravity fed Smart Sieve produced by means of a special technique of rotation moulding of the casing of the filter in one piece.

This gives the filter added strength and a clean look, as well as modern production means bringing the price down compared to traditional sieve filters.

The Smart Sieve can therefore sit at a very attractive price in the market. The Smart Sieve is completely made of polyethylene and fitted with a 300 micron stainless steel filter element.

AquaForte Smart Sieve
The Smart Sieve filter is supplied with a lid as standard and comes with 2 x 110 mm Dia inlets, meaning two drains or one drain and a skimmer can be mechanically filtered, lifting waste from the pond automatically.

AquaForte Smart Sieve Specifications:

  • Polyethylene manufactured gravity sieve filter.
  • Equipped with a 300 micron stainless steel filter element.
  • Pump capacity ± 25m ³ / h.
  • 67 cm x 36 cm 101 cm
  • Inlet: 2 x 110mm.
  • Waste: 63mm.
  • 2 inch Pump connection
  • Lid as standard
  • Color blue granite