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The BP1 gauge is a great tool which ensures that you are running the pump within its limits. Leave the gauge installed at the outlet of the pump.

One of the most common causes of pump failure is due to blocked diffusers, especially when used in aquaculture applications. When using old diffusers or diffuser 'air stones' ensure they are regularly cleaned and better still replaced annually.

The idea with these Pressure Gauges is to monitor the pressure that the system is running at, if the pressure in the system exceeds what the Air pumps are rated at then it will only be a matter of time before you will have a failed pump.

i.e. The Secoh SLL & EL Single pumps are rated to 0.2 Bar, the EL-Twin pumps are rated to 0.25 Bar. We strongly recommend you buy a BP1 pressure gauge and check it regularly to save the life of your Air Pumps.

0 - 1 bar gauge assembly, complete with 2 x 3/4" hose tail connectors.