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Aquarium and pond fish are particularly prone to parasitic infestations. For a mixed population tropical tank this can be devastating and for the Koi carp keeper a financial nightmare.

For a visual description of Koi Diseases Check out our Koi Diseases & Treatments page.

Good housekeeping is always the starting point, but often the slightest imbalance in any number of factors can result in the almost spontaneous appearance of parasites ranging from the common Ich to the more serious Costia and Trichodina.

Absolute Koi has many years professional experience in all aspects of microscopy and specimen preparation. We stock a wide range of instruments and accessories suited to the professional and amateur microscopist, as well as educational establishments, industry and research.


Featured Products

Novex Smart Microscope
Novex Smart Microscope

In the category of compact binocular microscopes, the Novex Smart Microscope is the only model equipped wit...

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£395.00 (Buy Now)

Novex LED Junior Microsco...
Novex LED Junior Microscope

The Novex LED Junior microscopes stand for quality and reliability. Much attention has been given to the me...

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£129.95 (Buy Now)

Novex Pro 86 Microscope
Novex Pro 86 Microscope

The attractively priced Novex Pro 86 Microscope has it all they are high quality, robust biological microsc...

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£485.00 (Buy Now)

Westbury Binocular Micros...
Westbury Binocular Microscope SP40

The Westbury SP series are high power microscopes with a robust high quality design and finish to an excell...

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£385.00 (Buy Now)

Wedmore Monocular Microsc...
Wedmore Monocular Microscope SP03

The Wedmore SP series microscopes are a range of high quality, high performance instruments available exclu...

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£112.00 (Buy Now)

Winchester Binocular Micr...
Winchester Binocular Microscope SP60

The Winchester compound microscopes are a very successful and popular range of instruments. The models have...

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£525.00 (Buy Now)