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Pond Pumps

Choosing the right pump is an extremely important decision and if you get it wrong then you will either have to change it or more likely loose your valuable Koi through pumping either too much water or not enough.

When choosing a pump, whether it be a Submersible Pump or a Dry Surface Pump or even a Dual Purpose Pump be sure that the pump that you are thinking about buying will do the job properly,for example: If your pond has 5,000 gallons capacity then you need a pump that will deliver 2,500 gph (half the capacity of your pond) so that the water in your pond turns over once every 2 hours, but Please bear in mind that you will have restrictions in the pipework that will, in some cases, dramatically reduce the output flow to your pond, for example: Ultra Violet Clarifiers, length of pipework runs, how many bends you have fitted etc.

Submersible Pumps

First of all a submersible pump is a water pump that is totally submerged under water, these normally have a completely sealed unit to prevent water ingress for safety reasons, the body of the submersible pump should not under any circumstances ever be tampered with because a fault has developed.

We have tried to present for you a good selection of these submersible pumps for you to choose from, please click on the links to the various manufacturers we list, these include the Dab Nova, Stuart Turner Isis, Little Giant and Blagdon Amphibious.

Dry Surface Pumps

A Dry Surface Pump is one that must under no circumstances ever be submerged or stood in water.

There are a great many Dry Surface pumps on the world market, if you decide on a Dry Surface Pump then there are some excellent pumps available and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers the very best available including the Sequence 8000s - Sequence 18000s pumps, the Speck Badu top, Itt Marlow Argonaut AG and Argonaut AV, Hydro HPS pumps, we know will give years of use if not abused.

Dual Purpose Pumps

The Dual Purpose Pump, as its name implies, can be used as both a Submersible Pump and also as a Dry Surface Pump.

The first one we have is probably the most popular of them all 'The Oase Aquamax' all models in the Oase Aquamax range are dual purpose and all that is required is for you to simply remove the case, which is normally used as the strainer, for the pump when it is being used as a Submersible Pump. The Oase Optimax is a relatively new comer to the market these pumps are an ideal choice when using the Nexus eazy systems as both the inlet and outlet is in 2 inch. The Red Devil, Filtertech Perfect pumps are also very good and reliable.


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