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Shinsuke Koi Products were created to enhance the environment that Japanese Nishikigoi are kept in.

Our concept is “Making koi more beautiful with the ideal surrounding.”

Nishikigoi quality can be affected by their environment therefore we explore nature and the original beauty of Nishikigoi, to promote more natural water.

Nishikigoi will always be more beautiful if the water quality is the same as nature.

First, you need to consider the factors involved in causing Koi to lose colour and brightness, which are ultraviolet rays, bad water, chemical medicines, minerals, and the condition
of the koi.

Today we live with much stress and koi are the same. Therefore we need to consider reducing the stress of koi in order to keep them in good condition.

Our ideal environment for Nishikigoi is the water of the mud pond. To make water in a concrete pond the same quality as in the mud pond, we believe the following are required as minimum rules to produce ideal water for koi:

  • Ammonia and Nitrite levels close to zero.
  • Levels of Nitrite always below 100mg/l.
  • Clear water to allow penetration of sunshine and ultraviolet.
  • Consistent pH levels.
  • Sufficient mineral levels within the water.

In these conditions we can keep high quality koi that have beautiful bright skin and also grow well.

When considering how to provide the optimum environment for koi, Shinsuke Koi Products are developed based on the "The Bio film theory "

What is Bio film?

Bio film is formed by microbes and examples of this are the slime on a stone in the river, the gel film in a week-old vase of flowers, etc.

We can find many variations of Bio film in nature, where there is water and a source of bacteria. It is true to say that almost all bacteria on the planet, over 99% lives on Bio film, rather
than floating in the air, koi pond filtration depend on Bio film for bacteria to make water clean.

Shinsuke Koi products are products using Bio film theory to provide a high quality environment for making koi more beautiful, 4 products are in the range and more inforamation can be found in this section.

  • Shinsuke Filter Sand
  • Shinsuke Bio Sponge
  • Shinsuke Mineral Plus
  • Shinsuke Healthy Up


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