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Dai Suki Gold RS Koi Food


Same as Dai Suki Gold with beta Glucans and Extra Vitamin C

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Dai Suki Gold 6 mm 2 kg RS (Response) Bucket(KF0017)
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Dai Suki Gold 6 mm 5 kg RS (Response) Bucket(KF0018)
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Dai Suki Gold 6 mm 10 kg RS (Response) White Sack(KF0019)
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Dai Suki Gold 6 mm 20 kg RS (Response) White Sack(KF0020)
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Same as Dai Suki Gold with beta Glucans and Extra Vitamin C

“Response” keeps the Koi Immune system in a state of alertness ready to fend off invading pathogens best used during times of stress i.e. fish moving, spawning, illness, etc.

This is a quality growth Floating Koi food which also improves the immune response of the Koi. It contains all of a Koi's daily requirements during periods of high water temperature. Typical Analysis, Potein (45%), Spirulina (12%), Fibre (2.8%), Oil (5%), and Ash (4.5%). It also contains vital and extra vitamins and minerials :- E, C, K, B1, B2, B6,and B12, Calcium, Potassium and Chloride. As an immune response product it also contains beta glucans and extra vitimin C. Best used when water temperature is above 16C (62F). Promotes Growth and Colour Enhancement, protects koi in periods of stress and illness and helps to cobat attack by pathogens.