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Firestone Pond Liner 22 Ft. Width With Underlay Felt


Firestone Pond Liner EPDM Geomembrane, a high-performing rubber liner

Grouped product items
Product Name Quantity
Firestone 22ft x 14ft (6.70m x 4.26m) & Underlay Felt(PL0334)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 16ft (6.70m x 4.87m) & Underlay Felt(PL0335)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 18ft (6.70m x 5.48m) & Underlay Felt(PL0336)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 20ft (6.70m x 6.09m) & Underlay Felt(PL0337)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 22ft (6.70m x 6.70m) & Underlay Felt(PL0338)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 24ft (6.70m x 7.31m) & Underlay Felt(PL0339)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 26ft (6.70m x 7.92m) & Underlay Felt(PL0340)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 28ft (6.70m x 8.53m) & Underlay Felt(PL0341)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 30ft (6.70m x 9.14m) & Underlay Felt(PL0342)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 32ft (6.70m x 9.75m) & Underlay Felt(PL0343)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 34ft (6.70m x 10.36m) & Underlay Felt(PL0344)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 36ft (6.70m x 10.97m) & Underlay Felt(PL0345)
- +
Firestone 22ft x 38ft (6.70m x 11.58m) & Underlay Felt(PL0346)
- +
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Firestone Pond Liner EPDM Geomembrane, a high-performing rubber liner

The main component of Firestone Lining Systems is Firestone EPDM Geomembrane, a single-ply synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane made of ethylene – propylene – diene terpolymer, mixed with carbon black, oils, curing agents and processing aids. It is calendered into large sheets and vulcanized.

Polyester Liner Underlay is recommended for all pond liners, a 250gsm underlay made of non woven needle punched polyester, offering high puncture resistance and good flexability.

  • Makes all pond liners more puncture resistant
  • Protects pond liners from sharp objects in the soil
  • Stabilizes ground under the liner to keep EPDM and other pond liners from "over-stretching"
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Resists "settling" unlike newspaper or sand.