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The Hi Blow Air Pump offers a full range of linear diaphragm pumps including the Hi Blow 200 Air Pump, providing solutions to meet a broad range of requirements in Medical, Industrial, Environmental and Consumer applications.

Whenever your requirements call for a pump providing clean oil-less air, extremely quiet operation, long life, low power consumption, low vibration, and low starting current, the Hi Blow 200 Air Pump is the solution.

Note: It is advisable to fit one way valves to your air pipes, especially if the Hi Blow 200 Air Pump is to be placed below the level of the surface of the pond water, as this will prevent any water from siphoning back and damaging the Hi Blow 200 Air Pump.

Hi Blow Air Pump ModelHP-40HP-80HP-100
Voltage (Vac)120120120
Frequency (Hz)606060
Max. Cont. Pressure (psig)3.544.5
Max. Inter.Pressure (psig)
Open Flow (c.f.m.)23.75.2
Power Consumption (amps).81.61.55
Sound Level (dBA@3 ft.)323638
Weight (lbs.)1315.519
hiblow-200 (692.96 kB)