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Japanese Granite Pagoda Lantern


Japanese Granite Pagoda Lantern

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Japanese Granite Pagoda Lantern

The Japanese Granite Pagoda Lantern integrates two icons of the East to form an incredibly impressive ornament.

Pagodas or 'Stupas' are tiered towers with multiple eaves, most had a religious function and were built near Buddhist temples. A five tiered pagoda would represent the five elements of buddhist cosmology.

As a centrepiece or focal point there can't be many other more noticeable or emblematic features. This granite representation is highly detailed and ornate, a tribute to the skills of Water & Stone craftsmen.

Combine the pagoda with the equally iconic lantern, that has guided pilgrims for centuries, and you have a stunning garden feature.

At nearly 8ft tall you will not find a more impressive oriental statement, a truly monumental centre piece.

Japanese Granite Pagoda Lantern Dimensions

  • Height: 240cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Length: 50cm
  • Weight: 240kg


All sculptures are hand carved in solid granite and, unlike concrete, sandstone and inferior materials, will not deteriorate due to adverse weather conditions.

Pre-drilled for an electric cable should you wish to install a light. For extra stability we recommend to use clear silicon between the sections.