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Koi 1


Koi 1 Book - Go Sanke Varieties (Volume 1)

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Koi 1 Book - Go Sanke Varieties (Volume 1)

The Koi 1 book has 351 pages dedicated entirely to the study of Gosanke varieties -origins, skin quality, growth development and characteristics of certain bloodlines. only £49.95

The Koi 1 book explains Koi sexing, judging, size and age, methods of rearing, colour, and skin quality.

Koi 1 Book - Gosanke Varieties - The Koi 1 Book goes into great detail discussing and providing photographic examples of sahi and kiwa, skin quality, growth and development, origins, bloodlines, and body forms for all the gosanke varieties.

Within the Koi 1 Book Breeder sections include a detail history and description of production values for breeders in Nagaoaka, Ojiya, Uonuma, Isawa, Fukui, Hiroshima, and Fukuoaka regions. Just a partial lists includes Maruboshi, Hasegawa, Isa, Torazo, Shinoda, Izumiya, Hoshikin, Oomo, Maradou, Jinbei, Tanaka, Shintaro, Murata, Matsunosuke, Kachi, Sakai, Ueno, and Ogata.

Koi 1 Book - Gosanke Varieties gives you a In-depth explanations about Koi care and health, water chemistry, nutrition, etc.