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The NT Labs Nitrate Test provides a simple, easy to use testing kit for determining Nitrate (NO3) levels in both ponds and freshwater aquariums. The NT Labs Nitrate Test Kit comes complete with test tube and liquid reagents to provide accurate results for 30 tests.

Nitrate is produced by the beneficial bacteria in the pond and filters as they break down the fish's toxic waste products (Ammonia and Nitrite). Nitrate is not toxic to pond fish.

This process forms the biological filtration system and is called the Nitrogen Cycle. Nitrate itself is relatively non-toxic, and will not cause troubles at low concentrations. However Nitrate can cause problems as the level rises.

Monitor the level of nitrate in your pond using a NT Labs Nitrate Test Kit on a regular basis. When the level becomes too high for your particular system perform a partial water change to lower the nitrate concentration.