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Propolis is the waxy substance produced by bees to line their hives and protect the precious contents from infection. It forms a waterproof barrier with antibacterial properties and has been known as “Russian Penicillin”.

Supplied as a thick, dark brown, liquid Propolis can be spread over cleaned and dried ulcers and wounds. When the fish is gently lowered back into the water, contact with the Propolis instantly forms a waxy coating which sticks to the wound forming an antiseptic, waterproof barrier which protects the fish from osmotic shock and re-infection.

Propolis Antiseptic Wound Sealant & Food Additive

Propolis can also be added to food to help boost resistance to infection. Simply coat pellets with Propolis and, when they hit the water, the waxy coat will form allowing the Propolis to be ingested with the food.

Supplied in 30 ml plastic dropper bottle for ease of application to both wounds and food.