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Oase Water Trio


The elegant water feature Water Trio is a visual delight with its three fountains bathed in brilliant light, thanks to the included lighting. You can vary the fountain heights from 30 to 140 cm with changeable light intensity. These are pre-programmed and can be easily selected by the remote control up to 80 m away. The sturdy base plate provides protection against damage and allows installation on a wide range of surfaces. Our plug-and-spray concept makes installation simple and uncomplicated. The safe 12 V technology can also be used in swimming ponds.

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Oase Water Trio Key Features

  • Remote controlled water feature with varying fountains and white LED illumination
  • Easy installation thanks to »Plug 'n' Spray«
  • Can be used in swim ponds thanks to 12 V technology

Oase Water Trio Characteristic

  • High quality water feature with three varying fountains, including LED lighting
    »Plug 'n' Spray« principle: easy installation and connection
  • Variations in fountain height (30 - 140 cm) and light intensity can be displayed using the pre-set programs
  • The programs can be selected via remote control from a distance of up to 80 m
    Can be connected to a timer
  • Flexible setup on a wide variety of installations
  • Robust floor plate protects against damage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Safe, energy-efficient 12 V technology
  • Can even be used in swim ponds
  • Included in the scope of delivery: 3 pumps / nozzles, external control unit, transformer and cables





Oase Water Trio

Playful but also harmonious, this visual orchestra characterises the new generation of water features. Extremely flexible implementation, Water Trio and Water Quintetcan be optimally integrated in every custom garden concept. Terraces become living spaces where you can sitback and watch the orchestra. Thanks to the Plug ’n’ Spray conceptwater effects can be quickly installed, the permanently set programs for variation of speed and fountain height can be easily selected via remote control.

Oase Water Trio characteristics:

  • Unique dynamic water effects with 3 or 5 illuminated nozzles.
  • High-quality LED technology as brilliant white luminous LED rings
  • Different permanently set programs can be selected via remote control

included in the Oase water Trio programs:

  • Variations of fountain height, speed and intensity of the LED illuminated rings
  • Safe, energy-efficient12V technology
  • Unique Plug ’n’ Spray concept for fast installation
  • Robust floor plate protects against damage

Included in the Oase water Trio set:

  • Water effect
  • External control unit
  • Cable
  • Transformer and remote control
  • Ideal implementation possibility:

Flexible implementation, e.g. on the terrace or in a bed of gravel combined with a water reservoir.