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Garry Bourne Nets

Garry Bourne Nets

The Garry Bourne Nets, have been around now for a great many years and have always been one of the top selling nets in the UK and are well known for their quality and strength.

The Garry Bourne range of nets are available in many size and are produced in both the most popular net structures. Nets are produced in both Hexamesh and Micromesh. The Net Heads and poles are all available separately if required.

Garry Bourne Circular Net Rings are formed from solid Aluminium Bar available in 6 sizes.

  • 45cm (18 inch Dia)
  • 60cm (24 inch Dia)
  • 70cm (28 inch Dia)
  • 80cm (32 inch Dia)
  • 90cm (36 inch Dia)
  • 100cm (40 inch Dia)

The Hexamesh net mesh gives minimal resistance through the water and is safe on all koi sizes. Anodised for Corrosion Protection the Net Rings are designed to be fitted to our Deluxe Net handles. Each ring is supplied with 4 stainless steel screws for secure mounting.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
GB18HGarry Bourne Net Head 45 cm Dia Hexamesh (18 inch)£32.95 Add to Cart
GB24HGarry Bourne Net Head 60 cm Dia Hexamesh (24 inch)£38.95 Add to Cart
GB28HGarry Bourne Net Head 70 cm Dia Hexamesh (28 inch)£46.95 Add to Cart
GB32HGarry Bourne Net Head 80 cm Dia Hexamesh (32 inch)£54.95 Add to Cart
GB36HGarry Bourne Net Head 90 cm Dia Hexamesh (36 inch)£59.95 Add to Cart
GB40HGarry Bourne Net Head 100 cm Dia Hexamesh (40 inch)£69.95 Add to Cart
GB18MGarry Bourne Replacement 45 cm Dia mesh only (18 inch)£9.95 Add to Cart
GB24MGarry Bourne Replacement 60 cm Dia mesh only (24 inch)£10.95 Add to Cart
GB28MGarry Bourne Replacement 70 cm Dia mesh only (28 inch)£11.95 Add to Cart
GB32MGarry Bourne Replacement 80 cm Dia mesh only (32 inch)£12.95 Add to Cart
GB36MGarry Bourne Replacement 90 cm Dia mesh only (36 inch)£13.95 Add to Cart
GB40MGarry Bourne Replacement 100 cm Dia mesh only (40 inch)£14.95 Add to Cart