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Nexus Eazy 310  PDF File for Nexus Eazy 310

Nexus Eazy 310

The New Nexus Eazy 310 represent's an evolutionary leap forward in the development of the world's most successful koi filter.

Improvements to the Nexus Eazy, including overflows and bypass systems, along with simplified cleaning process will make the Nexus Eazy 310 the must have filter for 2010.

The Eazy on the New Nexus Eazy 310 has been redesigned from the bottom up to provide improved mechanical filtration and ease of cleaning.

Nexus Eazy 310

The Nexus Eazy 310 is Evolution Aqua's exciting new filter system incorporating the industry proven Kaldnes moving bed coupled with the innovative Eazy mechanical filter.

The Nexus Eazy 310 provides outstanding water clarity and quality, pump or gravity fed. It is extremely Eazy and "clean" to maintain, minimal running costs, requires no service parts such as foam, is designed and built to last for life as well as offering unrivalled price performance.

The cleaning pipe normaly pushed tight in the centre of the unit when cleaning the Nexus has been replaced by a inovative one way valve that is now attached to the outlet of the Eazy, this has made cleaning easier, taking away the need to have the pipe bung as in previous models.

The clear lid that is now incorporated to the Eazy on the New Nexus Eazy 310 will insure the correct ammount of k1 media is always maintained within the mechanical stage.

This means the k1 media can not overflow either down the centre pipe or in to the middle chamber.

The Stainless Steel Eazy has been totaly redesigned with more slots and touches the very bottom of the unit instead of sitting on feet.

The only possible compromise that owners of the original Nexus Eazy 300 faced was that the Nexus Eazy 300 could not be left without cleaning for extended periods of time.

The good news is that the Nexus Eazy 310 now incorporates a gravity bypass or pump fed overflow depending on how the Nexus Eazy 310 is going to be used.

This will stop any possibilty of the middle chamber overflowing and bypass the water in to the exit chamber returning back to the pond.

This now means that the Nexus Eazy 310 user can enjoy their holiday in certain knowledge that all is well with their pond at home.

How it works:

The Nexus Eazy 310 incorporates is a stainless steel vessel containing a volume of static K1 media which is located within the centre chamber of the Nexus Eazy 310 . Water enters the centre chamber and then enters the Nexus Eazy Eazy via slots in the lower half of the unit. This results in a downward flow causing many of the larger solids to settle out prior to entering the Nexus Eazy 310 . The size of the slots will not allow large mechanical waste to enter the cylinder thus acting as a first stage mechanical filtration. The water then passes through the static K1 media utilizing up and side flow and this process causes the fine solids to become entrapped. The mechanically clean water then passes to the outside chamber of the Nexus Eazy 310 where the Kaldnes moving bed is located for biological treatment prior to being returned to the pond.

Nexus Eazy 310 Maintenance

The Nexus Eazy 310 is extremely easy and pleasurable to clean. The water pump is switched off and an air valve is operated which diverts air from the main Nexus eazy 310 air ring into the base of the Nexus Eazy. This causes the K1 media to be agitated and cleaned vigorously. As this happens the captured particles are flushed out into the central chamber of the Nexus Eazy 310 , allowing you to see the amount of waste that has been filtered out. Once the K1 media has been agitated for a sufficient period, the water in the central chamber is flushed to waste using the purge valve provided at the base of the Nexus Eazy 310 . Once clean, the air flow is re-directed back to the main air ring and the system started again. The whole process from start to finish can take less than two minutes.

The Nexus Eazy 310 is available from 4th January 2010, why not order yours now to be one of the first in line for this amazing new filter.

NeXus Eazy 210 NeXus Eazy 310
Maximum Pond Size: 4,000 (UK) gallons 7500 (UK) gallons
Maximum flow rate litre: 10,000 litres per hour 13,000 litres per hour
Maximum flow rate UK Gallons: 2,200 (UK) gallons per hour 2,800 gallons per hour
Maximum flow rate US Gallons: 2,666 gallons per hour 3,276 gallons per hour
Kaldnes K1 media: 50 litres included 100 litres included
Maximum K1 media capacity: up to 150 litres up to 200 litres
Optional Extra: Lid Lid
Recommended Pump: Airtech 40 litres / Airtech 80 litres Airtech 40 litres / Airtech 80 litres

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
NEX310Nexus Eazy 310£1399.00 Add to Cart
NEX230Nexus Eazy Waste Pipe Kit£16.95 Add to Cart
NEX301Lid Nexus 310£94.95 Add to Cart
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