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Tommy Drains

Tommy Drains

These Tommy Drains are perfect for those using mid water feeds to the filter systems and are worried about pulling fish in to the filter, pumps etc.

The Tommy Drain has its outlet at the Bottom of the Drain instead of the side of the drain like typical bottom drains.

The Tommy Drain has a removable lid with stainless Steel screws and a flange ring for fitting to liner or concrete ponds.

The Tommy Drain can still be used mounted in the pond base if required, such as for a quarantine system or where the outlet is best suited at the bottom of the drain instead of the side.

The Tommy Bottom Drains are suitable for outlets from the side or bottom of your pond or filter.

Available in the following sizes: 40 mm, 50 mm, 82 mm and the most popular 110 mm.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
BDR204Tommy Bottom Drain 40 mm£13.95 Add to Cart
BDR205Tommy Bottom Drain 50 mm£19.95 Add to Cart
BDR208Tommy Bottom Drain 82 mm£22.95 Add to Cart
BDR210Tommy Bottom Drain 110 mm£24.95 Add to Cart