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Kusuri Dechlorinator

Kusuri DechlorinatorKusuri Dechlorinator works almost instantly, removing Chlorine, Chloramines and heavy metals from mains public water sources.

Kusuri Dechlorinator will remove Chlorine and heavy metals from mains public water sources. Chlorine burns gills and is very detrimental to good bacteria. Use Kusuri dechlorinator to remove Chlorine & Chloramines on any water changes or new systems.

Kusuri Dechlorinator Dosage

10 ml per 100 gallons of new water and can be used at any temperature.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
MD920Kusuri Dechlorinator 250 ml£7.95 Add to Cart
MD921Kusuri Dechlorinator 500 ml£12.95 Add to Cart
MD922Kusuri Dechlorinator 1 litre£22.95 Add to Cart
MD923Kusuri Dechlorinator 5 litres£54.95 Add to Cart