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Kusuri Filter Starter Boost (Pink)

Kusuri Filter Starter Boost (Pink)Kusuri Filter Starter Booster is a powerful easy to make "home culture" kit. Simply mix the powder and the solution together and 2 to 7 days later you have made a highly active live nitrifying liquid solution. Simply pour the Kusuri Filter Starter Booster solution over the filter media.

  • 500 ml size for ponds up to 5,000 gallons
  • 1 litre size for ponds up to 10,000 gallons
Kusuri Filter Starter Booster kit grows live nitrifying bacteria from a freeze dried state, into billions of starving beneficial bacteria, ready to start converting the waterborne pollutants Ammonia and Nitrite. The kit can be made as and when required, and has a 2 year shelf life.

Ready for immediate use, pour directly into filter chambers to boost the biological filter. Especially important after medication of the pond, or just as a general tonic to increase bacterial numbers.

When to use Kusuri Filter Starter Booster

  • New pond or new filter installation - use every 7th day for 3-6 weeks.
  • After any chemical treatment - use every 7th day for 1-2 weeks.
  • When adding new fish stock to pond - use every 7th day for 1-2 weeks.
Dosage: Use at 100ml per 220 gallons
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