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Ea Pro Pump 21000

Ea Pro Pump 21000

Ea Pro Pump 21000 through innovative research and design have been developed to deliver substantial flow rates at comparatively low wattage, the Ea Pro Pump 21000 are very economical High performance powerful pond pumps.

Our range of external, fully marinised pond pumps have been manufactured for maximum reliability and performance.
The pump body and bracket is moulded in engineering plastic material for maximum strength, durability and long life.

The design of the adjustable wet end makes the pump very quiet during operation and the Noryl impellor provides maximum strength and durability. The EA Pro Pumps also use low energy consuming motors delivering optimum levels of performance. Connection to pipework is easy thanks to the 2” inlet and outlets and the adjustable wet end.

  • Inline external Pump
  • Low running costs
  • Efficient, reliable motor
  • Large flow rates, 5 models available
  • Designed for maximum strength
  • Low energy consumption motor
  • Noryl impellor for reliable operation
  • Very quiet operating pump
  • Adjustable wet end
  • Salt water seal
  • IPX5 Rated
  • Threaded 2” inlet and outlets for easy connection to pipework
  • Drain down plugs
  • 2m power cable
  • 2 Year Warranty (excludes seal and capacitor)

The Ea Pro Pump 21000 are designed and built to meet the special needs of ponds, waterscapes and aquaculture. Buying "quality" really pays. Ea Pro Pump 21000, not only do you get years of dependable service, but you enjoy tremendous savings on your electricity bill, every month.

The Ea Pro Pump 21000 are set to become the work horses of the industry. Ea Pro Pump 21000 provide tremendous flow rates, with enough pressure (head) to handle the requirements of most systems with biological filters and moderate height waterfalls. The Ea Pro Pump 21000 are also used extensively for the transfer and re-circulation requirements of filtration systems, water features, streams, fountains and aquaculture.

The entire range of EA Pro Pumps including the Ea Pro Pump 21000 are 'marinised' which means they are suitable for use in salt water, swimming pools and fresh water.

The Ea Pro Pump 21000 come with a 2 year warranty. 

If you are not pumping filter cleaned water, you will need a Ea Pro Pump 21000 strainer basket for your Ea Pro Pump 21000, simply screws onto the inlet of the pump - two models are available depending on which pump you are using.

Ea Pro PumpInlet/OutletFlow Rate gphFlow Rate lphMax HeadMin/Max watts
Ea Pro Pump 80002 inch204593002.26 m87-96 watts
Ea Pro Pump 100002 inch2244102002.41 m89-100 watts
Ea Pro Pump 120002 inch2574117002.40 m88-104 watts
Ea Pro Pump 160002 inch3717169004.69 m193-211 watts
Ea Pro Pump 210002 inch4619210005.25 m200 -250 watts

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
PP21000Ea Pro Pump 21000£485.00 Add to Cart
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