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Black Solvent Weld Pipe

Black Solvent Weld Pipe

Black Solvent Weld Pipe is available from Absolute Koi in 3 metre lengths.

To compliment this we have an excellent range of fittings, this product would normally be used above ground level where only moderate pressure would be applied to the pipe and fittings.

A typical example would be the return Pipework from your pumps, uv, and heaters.

For all other uses we would recommend, of course, pressure pipe which is also included in this section, please consider the job in hand before deciding on which product. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Manufactured from MuPVc, a strong, durable and shatter proof material, the Black Solvent Weld system comes in four sizes, 40 mm, 50 mm, 82 mm and 110 mm.

This Pipework is all Solvent Weld fittings and is only supplied in metric sizes, but can be adapted to imperial sizes using fittings that we do have available for that purpose.

The range, which meets the requirements of BS4514 and fully conforms to the highest European standards. We offer a comprehensive selection of solvent fittings to meet virtually every requirement. Easy to handle and simple to fit, this range offers the installer the best of both worlds - a high specification, top quality product at a price to match anything on the market.

  • Stronger, heavier duty fittings than market alternatives
  • High specification, manufactured to BS4514
  • Extremely competitive prices
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
PW62040 mm x 3 m Black Solvent Weld Pipe£9.95 Add to Cart
PW61950 mm x 3 m Black Solvent Weld Pipe£12.95 Add to Cart
PW61882mm x 3 m Black Solvent Weld Pipe£29.95 Add to Cart
PW617110 mm x 3 m Black Solvent Weld Pipe£37.95 Add to Cart