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Microscopes >> Westbury SP Series >> Westbury Binocular Microscope SP40

Westbury Binocular Microscope SP40

Westbury Binocular Microscope SP40

The Westbury SP series are high power microscopes with a robust high quality design and finish to an excellent standard. The impressive specifications of this range are considered ideal for the advanced student or professional. Standard features of the series are: Quadruple nosepiece turret. The eyetube units, monocular and binocular, are inclined and fully rotatable through 360 degrees. Rack and pinion coarse and fine focus mechanism.

Full substage which includes an Abbe condenser with an independent focus control (N.A. 1.25), iris diaphragm and filter carrier. DIN standard parfocal objectives. The high power objectives have retractable front lenses for slide safety. Focus stop. Inbuilt illumination with a 20 watt system controlled by an on/off switch (240 & 110 volts available). Field focusing lens and daylight converting filter.

Westbury SP40
Binocular head with interocular and dioptric adjustment. DIN standard achromatic objectives x4, x10, x40 x100(oil). x10 eyepieces.

Mechanical stage with double vernier scales. Separate coarse and fine focus controls. Focus safety stop. Focusing substage condenser with iris diaphragm and filter carrier. In built 240v (110 available) illumination with field lens. Magnification range x40 - x1000.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
SP40Westbury Binocular Microscope SP40£385.00 Add to Cart
GS100Glass Slides x 50 Pieces£7.60 Add to Cart
CS100Cover Slides x 100 Pieces£3.10 Add to Cart