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EstrOzone Series 7000 Generators

EstrOzone Series 7000 GeneratorsHow EstrOzone works:

Through a process of oxidation ozone deactivates the protoplasm protein and it kills them 800 times faster than chlorine.

The Benefits of Ozone:
  • Ozone works instantly so there is no need to wait for a mature system.
  • Ozone will remove any stain in the water caused by colour enhancers in the fish food.
  • Ozone will destroy harmful 'free swimming' bacteria, thus reducing the amount of bacteria infections in fish.
  • Ozone leaves the water 'super' saturated with oxygen, in turn making the fish more active and healthy

The EstrOzone is the ideal method for keeping the pond water in optimal condition. It not only results in clean water but also healthy fish. Because harmful waste products such as ammonia and nitrite are converted into harmless compounds, the fish quickly achieves a better condition and this gives them more resistance to stress and illness. Ozone also delivers so much extra oxygen to the water, this not only benefits the fish but also creates the enormous extra growth of nitrifying bacteria... and the Koi themselves will be so much more healthy and active.

The generators start from 4000 up to 25000 mg O3/ hour.

In a Koi-pond you should use, after a good mechanical filtration, about 150 mg per 1000 l (1m3) pond volume!

The Estrad Ozone generators are very sophisticated units they are best run complete with Redox Controllers and Redox probes as these systems produce relatively large volumes of Ozone. When fitted in smaller pond environments it is imperative that Ozone dosing is automatically controlled. The units also have small built in heaters to ensure that dry air is drawn in to the unit, thus ensuring optimum performance. They can also incorporate air flow monitors and are fitted with flow and Ozone alarms which switch off Ozone production if required.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
OZ100Ozone Generator 7040 (4 Grams O3/hour for ponds up to 6000 gallons)£2895.00 Add to Cart
OZ101Ozone Generator 7070 (7 Grams O3/hour for ponds up to 14000 gallons)£3145.00 Add to Cart
OZ103Ozone Generator Air Dryer£1495.00 Add to Cart
OZ104Ozone Generator Intergrated Radox Unit£445.00 Add to Cart
OZ105Ozone Generator Airflow Sensor£125.00 Add to Cart
OZ106Ozone Generator Redox Sensor£95.00 Add to Cart
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