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Pond Filtration >> HidroClean >> Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter (Water Polisher)

Compact and Versatile Filtration, these Waterco Cartridge Filters are designed to give years of trouble-free service.
The 30 micron Waterco Cartridge Filter utilises a specially treated polyester fabric, which is pleated into a cartridge.

The pleating gives it an extremely large surface area. The Waterco Cartridge Filter is ideal for ponds where backwashing may not be practical, cleaning simply involves lifting out the cartridge and rinsing it.

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter Features include:

  • One piece molded high impact polypropylene construction
  • In built air bleed - eliminates air build up in tank
  • Industrial strength filter fabric
  • Self-centering cartridge mount
  • Fixing Unions
  • Easy to read Pressure Gauge
  • 1 1/2" /50mm Half union inlet/outlet
  • Available in 3 models: CC50, CC75 , CC100

Warranty: 10-year conditional tank warranty and 1 year warranty on all other components, excluding the cartridge.

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter Specifications:

Working Pressure (all models): 3.5 Bar/50 psi

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter CC50

Total height: 605mm
Max. Flow rate (gph): 2500
Max. Pond size: 60m3

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter CC75

Total height: 720mm
Max. Flow rate (gph): 3600
Max. Pond size: 90m3

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter CC100

Total height: 970mm
Max. Flow rate (gph): 5000
Max. Pond size: 120m3

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
CC50Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter CC50£220.00 Add to Cart
CC75Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter CC75£270.00 Add to Cart
CC100Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter CC100£315.00 Add to Cart
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