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Japanese Ornaments >> Granite Ornaments >> Tachi-gata (up to 180 cm)

Tachi-gata (up to 180 cm)

Tachi-gata (up to 180 cm)


The "Kasuga" is probably the definitive "tachi-gata " or pedestal type lantern. It has a Pagoda style kasa or hat and a side panel featuring the image of a deer. Kasuga lanterns are usually placed in a prominent location near a gate ,entrance or path intersection. It is named after ancient Kasuga shrine in Nara Japan. Deer served as messengers of the Gods caring news from paradise according the the legend.

This style of lantern dates back to the early "Ashikaga period" our Kasugas are carved from gray granite and are available in four different heights, to suit the type and size of garden or location. Pre-drilled for lighting cable

Tachi-gata (Pedestal type on base with upright or curved pillar)

This Japanese granite garden furniture, provides not only a useful and attractive feature in your garden, it can last a lifetime with no painting or re-treating required. This granite furniture will last as long as your garden and look just as good as the day you bought it.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
0502090Kasuga 90 cm Height£315.00 Add to Cart
0502120Kasuga 120 cm Height£595.00 Add to Cart
0502150Kasuga 150 cm Height£995.00 Add to Cart
0502180Kasuga 180 cm Height£1550.00 Add to Cart
1502090Kitasaga Rokkaku Toro 90 cm Height£445.00 Add to Cart
1502120Kitasaga Rokkaku Toro 120 cm Height£575.00 Add to Cart