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Sequence 18000S Pumps are designed and built to meet the special needs of ponds, waterscapes and aquaculture.

For a great choice of pond pump, the Sequence 8000S pump up to the Sequence 18000S Pump will deliver both in terms of reliability as well as economically.

Sequence 18000S Pumps are the workhorses of the industry and one of the most popular ranges of external pond pumps. Sequence 18000S Pumps provide tremendous flow rates, with enough pressure (head) to handle the requirements of most systems with biological filters and moderate height waterfalls.

Sequence 18000S Pumps are also used extensively for the transfer and re-circulation requirements of filtration systems, water features, streams, fountains and aquaculture. Sequence 18000S Pumps can also be fitted with a strainer basket to cope with the debris often found in Koi ponds.

The entire range of Sequence Pumps including the Sequence 18000S Pumps are 'marinised' which means they are suitable for use in salt water, swimming pools and fresh water. Sequence 18000S Pumps now come with a 1 year warranty.

Out-of-pond construction - NOT Submersible! Sequence 18000S Pumps must be housed in a dry, well ventilated location. Protect from rain and water splashes.

Sequence PumpDimensionsFlow Rate gphFlow Rate lphMax HeadWattage
Sequence 8000S177x273x190mm1760 gph8000lph1.8 m83 watts
Sequence 10000S177x273x190mm2200 gph10000lph2.4 m87watts
Sequence 12000S177x273x190mm2600 gph12000lph4.6 m92watts
Sequence 15000S203x457x203mm3300 gph15000lph5.2 m218watts
Sequence 18000S203x457x203mm3960 gph18000lph5.2 m262watts