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FOK Bio Factor VL 1.5 kg

FOK Bio Factor VL 1.5 kg

Fok Bio Factor VL improves water clarity & quality Improves growth, bone & scale strength, colour and your Koi's appetite. Reduces blanketweed- Japan's No.1 water additive 50g treats 2200 gallons.

Fok Bio Factor VL is the most widely used conditioner in Japan. Fok Bio Factor VL promotes good water quality whilst speeding fish growth by use of water purification bacteria, minerals.

FOK Bio Factor VL will improve water quality and clarity, gives your water a real sparkle!

FOK Bio Factor VL enhances colour & lustre on your Koi, helps bone & cellular growth.

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MD952FOK Bio Factor VL 1.5 kg£29.95 Add to Cart

FOK Vio Mineral G 3 kg

FOK Vio Mineral G 3 kg

FOK Vio Mineral G is the finest and most refined quality clay in the World. Japan has never produced a more superb product and the first time you use it you will recognise why it is the best money can buy.

FOK Vio Mineral G disolves entirely into solution unlike most other ”clays” and can never co-agulate in pipework and drains, unlike most ”other” clays. FOK Vio Mineral G is certainly the Rolls Royce of ALL clays on the market.

FOK Vio Mineral G revitalises lost minerals in ponds especially after summer. By regularly replacing these important minerals, Koi will become much healthier. Furthermore FOK Vio Mineral G improves water clarity, increases oxygen solubility and improves mineral content.