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Koi Masters Advantage

Koi Masters AdvantageKoi Masters Advantage

Putting the quality into your koi water
Koi Masters Advantage is a blend of natural minerals and water conditioning ingredients that when added  to the koi pond will dramatically improve your water quality to promote health and vitality in your koi collection.  

Koi Masters Advantage rematerialises and replaces trace elements in pond water creating perfect conditions for your koi to thrive.  Koi Masters Advantage acts like a sponge and flocculates impurities, moving them to the filtration chambers for biological and mechanical disposal.  

The removal of these toxins from the koi pool will improve your koi's health.  You will see improvements in water clarity, koi colour, skin lustre  and sumi develops and thickens.  Koi Masters Advantage also contains a bio stimulant to boost your filtration performance.  It is formulated to stabilise pH and boost kH whilst in suspension creating perfect koi water.
Advantage is not a clay therefore does not cause irritation to koi gill filaments.
Koi Masters Advantage Dosage:
We recommend that you use Koi Masters Advantage powder every week at 100 gms per 1000 gallons (3785 litres).  

You can mix Koi Masters Advantage with pond water and then distribute it throughout the pond or add through your pumped system return lines.

When added at the recommended rate water clarity  should return to normal after twenty four to thirty six hours.  The product can also be added with koi food to aid cleansing of the koi’s digestive tracts.  

Mix with your regular food to form a paste and feed as a monthly medicinal dose.
The dosage above is a recommended dosage rate, but as a natural product blend we believe, that within reason the product cannot be overdosed.
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ADV105Koi Masters Advantage 5 kg£30.00 Add to Cart
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Koi Masters Advantage Boost

Koi Masters Advantage BoostKoi Masters - Advantage Boost, putting the clarity into your koi water)
Advantage Boost is made from refined ‘White Clay’ and contains many of the trace elements that Koi Carp are believed to require for healthy and sustained growth.

The base for Advantage Boost is a medical grade clay widely used in the treatment of human skin and other health issues.  Advantage Boost contains elements of  calcium, silica, zinc, iron and magnesium, which are said to be beneficial to skin health and regeneration.     

Advantage  Boost’s  natural  mild  disinfectant  properties  may  also  aid healing  of  existing  blemishes  and inflammations, whilst helping to prevent new ones from forming.

Advantage Boost has additional trace elements to further enhance the mineral boost received by the fish and to replenish the vital trace elements required by a healthy filtration system. Advantage Boost has been formulated to give your pond, koi and filtration a vital mineral boost.
When  added  to  the  koi  pond  as  part  of  a  water  management  programme  Advantage  Boost  we  believe replenishes  the  mineral  levels  in  the  water  giving  the  following  advantages:
  • Balanced mineral absorption in the koi’s diet
  • Boost in skin quality
  • Aid to recovery after health issues
  • Contains trace elements to boost filtration efficiency
  • Removes toxins and colourants
  • Gives superior water clarity
We recommend Advantage Boost is added at the rate of 125gms per 1000 gallons every week.  

If you are using Koi Masters Advantage Carbon in your system we recommend that you remove the carbon during  Advantage Boost additions, replacing it back in the system 24 hours later.

When used in conjunction with ‘Koi Masters Advantage’ it will provide a balanced mineral clay regime for a healthy koi pond
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ADB100Koi Masters Advantage Boost 2.5 kg£30.00 Add to Cart