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ProtobanProtoban is a mixture of formalin and malachite green developed by Koi Keepers for Koi Keepers and based on the famous Leteux-Meyer mixture.

Rather than a single high dose it uses a 5 day treatment of this synergistic mixture to kill protozoan parasites.

Formalin and malachite green is the favoured combination for treatment of external protozoa such as white spot, and the three organisms which cause "slime disease" - Costia (Ichthyobodo), Trichodina and Chilodonella.

It also has a minor effect against flukes and bacterial infections. We recommend use of Fluke-Solve for treating fluke infestations.

Protoban is a veterinary medicine, made and supplied by Professional's under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme. Protoban is a broad spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoal pond water treatment.


Use at a rate of 10 ml/454 litres (100 gallons) daily for 5 days. Ensure that the dose is well mixed in to the pond.

Used as directed Protoban will not harm plants or bacterial filters. treat between 10-30 °C. Turn off any UV until the water looses the green colour.

Avoid treating, orfe, rudd, tench and sterlet as these have been reported to show toxicity to malachite Green
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