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We now have something that you will all need and to save you blowing those diaphragm's, we can now supply a Secoh Air Pressure Relief Valve, this fits between the Air Pump and the Manifold, no tools or skill needed.

We highly recommend the Secoh Air Pressure Relief Valve, it fits all Air Pumps and operates automatically when too much pressure is detected. The Secoh Air Pressure Relief Valve is recommended for larger air pumps, where back pressure created by insufficient bore air piping or too few outlets being used can quickly damage the pump diaphragms.

This Secoh Air Pressure Relief Valve is a pump protection device against over pressurisation. The valve will safely vent off any pressure over 0.2 Bar. If your valve is opening you have a blockage!, check and replace the offending area, be it a kinked pipe or blocked airstone!. Without this valve you are relying on the BP1 gauge, if you have one, as a monitoring & protective measure on your system.

Secoh Air Pressure Relief Valve kit contains : valve, 2 x short ribbed connector pipes and 4 no clips.