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Kusuri Koi Treatments

Quality products for serious Koi keepers.  Kusuri's medications are manufactured to the highest standard of GMP.  Kusuri's medications have all been formulated to provide the highest quality product to ensure successful parasite or bacteria eradication.  Kusuri's medications have a higher concentration of active ingredients to give you the very best product.

  • Kusuri Acriflavine
  • Kusuri Chloramine T
  • Kusuri Fluke M
  • Kusuri Fluke P
  • Kusuri Fluke S
  • Kusuri Formalin 30%
  • Kusuri Formalin and Malachite Premix
  • Kusuri Hydrogen Peroxide 6%
  • Kusuri Malachite Green
  • Kusuri Acriflavine and Malachite Premix
  • Kusuri Potassium Permanganate