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The ECO Pond Chip is a new development in the field of moving bed filter media.

The ECO Pond Chip has its origins in the professional waste water treatment but has been further developed for use in koi ponds. The green ECO Pond Chip has a diameter of 25 mm and a thickness of 1 mm.

Due to the unique structure of the Eco Pond Chip surface, the laboratory for Nanostructures at the University of Bielefeld found on ECO Pond Chips a protected specific surface area for bacteria of 4370 m² per cubic meter which an average is 5 to 7 times greater than the conventional bio-media in moving bed filter technology. This ensures that you only need a small amount of ECO Pond Chip in comparison with traditional carrier material.

ECO Pond Chip is made of new, food grade, PE and contains absolutely no recycled materials. The ECO Pond Chip is also extremely light in weight so that there is very little energy needed to move them with air and or water. This can significantly reduce the use of large air pumps.

ECO Pond Chip serves as a biological filter medium after mechanical filtration. The filter chamber can be filled up to 60% with ECO Pond Chips. The ECO Pond Chip can also be added to existing moving bed filters.

ECO Pond Chips are available in filter mesh bags with ± 14 litres. The 14 litres gives 61m² surface area for bacteria to grow, because the ECO Pond Chip initially repels water, it is recommended that the ECO Pond Chip bag hangs for a number of days in the pond or filter before added to the moving bed filter.

It is also ECO Pond Chips goal to achieve the highest possible active bacteria population in the smallest possible space.

14 litres of ECO Pond Chip media has a surface area of 61m2, thats equivalent of 110 litres of K1.

Only 14 liters of Eco Pond Chip are capable of bio-degrading a daily feed quantity of up to 180gsm of koi food.

Thats 78 liters of Eco Pond Chip to process a daily feed quantity of up to 1 KG of koi food.