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The Koi Pro Air Blow 50 Air Pump is a revolutionary product in its category which easily outperforms conventional (piston and motor operated) air pumps which are commonly used in aquaculture.

The Koi Pro Air Blow Air Pump is compact, powerful, reliable , ultra quiet, and low energy consumption.

  • Compact and Powerful
    Koi Pro Air Blow Air Pumps incorporate Elecro-magnets, which act upon permanent magnets, providing perfectly-balanced vibration and allowing a compact but powerful device.
  • Reliable
    The only moving parts on the Koi Pro Air Blow Air Pump consist of an actuating rod supported by special synthetic rubber diaphragms which vibrate laterally, permitting long-term continuous operation.
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
    All internal moving parts on the Koi Pro Air Blow Air Pump are rubber-spaced to eliminate vibration, and a sturdy, thick-walled metal casing ensures silent operation.
  • Low Energy Consumption
    Koi Pro Air Blow Air Pump Operation is based upon the principle of Elecro-magnetic vibration which eliminates the need for sliding parts, thereby minimizing power consumption, while maintaining high efficiency, as well as long-term reliability.
  • No Lubrication Necessary
    with the Koi Pro Air Blow Air Pump there is no sliding parts and therefore no need for lubrication, unlike conventional designs that can transfer oil-contaminated air into its environment. An added advantage thus is that the exhausted air is always clean, ideal to be used in the environments where clean air is required.