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Oase AquaSkim 40

This new Oase AquaSkim 40 surface skimmer has a number of convincing arguments.

  • Through a two-part telescopic tube it is infinitely height adjustable.
  • In addition the float automatically bridges water level differentials up to 160 mm, which can easily occur due to rainfall or strong evaporation.
  • The height of the AquaSkim 40 can be adjusted simply, and the adjustment does not require tools.
  • The lower part of the tube has a telescopic nut for convenient adjustment.
  • Adapting to low water levels is possible.
  • A smaller tube diameter means less air content and thus prevents the surface skimmer from floating.

The Oase AquaSkim 40 easy to install, in-pond skimmer's Features

Guarantee 3+2=5 years
Dimensions in mm (Ø x H) 550-800 mm, 300-550 mm
Tube diameter in 80 mm
Base diameter in 350 mm
Filter basket volume 1400 cm3
Possible water level differentials in 160 cm3
Connection 1 1/2"

The Unique design allows the skimmer to be located in the pond. This feature makes the Oase AquaSkim 40 an excellent choice for retro-fit to an existing pond. The Oase AquaSkim 40 base is anchored by small stones while the skimmer naturally adjusts itself to varying water levels up to 5 inches. Maximum flow (gph) 4000. Minimum flow (gph) 800.

  • Internal pond skimmer
  • Draws debris from pond surface before it can settle to the pond bottom
  • Eliminates pump clogging
  • Increases pump life
  • Suitable for connection to 800-4000 (gph) pumps
  • Connects to pump intake