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Oase Phosless LM is used for effective nutrient withdrawal and green and string algae prevention.

Oase Phosless LM is supplied in a combination pack with one bag of Phosless CA and one of Phosless FS. The use of two different materials is ideal because the binding mechanisms for phosphate are extremely complex and they can be prevented by competing reactions with other ions, low oxygen content or low PH values.

The Oase Phosless LM can be introduced wherever it can be carried away by moving water - we recommend introducing Phosless LM in the flow area of the Aqua Air 250 LM Aerator for maximum efficiency.

Oase Phosless LM is a natural product that reduces algae growth by binding excess phosphates. Binds heavy metals (such as copper and lead) and sulphide which is toxic to fish.

  • Phosless LM: 30 litre Bulk Set for ponds & lakes up to 600,000 litres