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  • Part Number: 57077
  • Genuine Oase Replacement Eco 60w UV Lamp
  • High quality UV bulb
  • Suitable for a range of Oase filters and UVC models
  • Replace annually ideally in the spring

Genuine Oase Eco 60w UV Lamp for the Oase range of filters and UVC's. The 60w bulbs have a PLL design with 4 small pin connections at one end only.

UVC Bulbs should be changed annually, ideally in the spring before the season starts. This guarantees full strength capacity of the UVC lamp for the summer months.

This Replacement Eco 60 W UV Lamp is suitable for the following Oase models:

  • Oase Bitron Eco 120 W (2 x Lamps)
  • Oase Bitron Eco 180 W (3 x Lamps)
  • Oase Bitron Eco 240 W (4 x Lamps)
  • Oase Bitron Premium 60 W
  • Oase Bitron Premium 120 W (2 x Lamps)
  • Oase Bitron Premium 180 W (3 x Lamps)