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MultiCyclone Plus Filter

MultiCyclone Plus FilterMultiCyclone Plus combines centrifugal and cartridge filtration into one streamlined housing, creating an ultra compact filtration system.

Dual stage filtration

Incoming water tangentially enters its multiple hydro cyclones, generating a strong centrifugal effect. Approximately 80% of the incoming dirt load is spiralled down to its clear sediment chamber. The outgoing water is finally polished via its inbuilt cartridge filter, producing crystal clear water.

Simple maintenance

MultiCyclone Plus’s sediment chamber is easily cleaned by opening its purge valve. Only 15 litres of water is discharged.

  • Dual stage filtration
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Save water and energy
  • 40 ft2 pleated filter cartridge

Extended filter capacity

The MultiCyclone Plus’s centrifugal section filter pre-filters up to 80% of the incoming dirt load before it reaches the filter cartridge, magnifying the capacity of its 40 ft2 filter cartridge by up to 5 times. MultiCyclone Plus has a filtration capacity equivalent to a 200 ft2 cartridge filter or a 24” (600mm) sand filter.

Ultra compact filtration

MultiCyclone Plus’s streamlined design means the entire filtration system can be installed vertically, reducing the footprint of the equipment pad. Additionally, minimal pipework reduces filtration system’s overall head loss. Alternatively the MultiCyclone Plus can be installed next to the pump by using the optional base


MultiCyclone Plus is covered by a 2 year warranty
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
MCY415Multi Cyclone Plus Solids Remover MC12 c/w Cartridge - 1.5 inch£315.00 Add to Cart
MCY422Multi Cyclone Plus Solids Remover MC16 c/w Cartridge - 2 inch£385.00 Add to Cart
MCY433Multi Cyclone Solids Remover Stand (Fits all Units)£60.00 Add to Cart
62024BLKMulit Cyclone Plus 16 Lock Ring£49.95 Add to Cart