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Koi The Living Jewels

Koi The Living Jewels

There can be little doubt that an entire generation of Koi enthusiasts have been moved and inspired by the classic and internationally renowned series of video programmes that is KOI - The Living Jewels.

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words and that video speaks tens of thousands. Well I say that New Vision programmes speak millions! The sheer quality of detail, together with the presentation of video material that defines Nik Read’s classic features, often leaves viewers totally amazed.

For the first time ever, an incredible selection of classic pond footage selected from the entire 10 videos is now brought together on this single DVD. This compelling programme includes some of the most spectacular, impressive and inspiring footage and brings to life some of the country’s most beloved and well-known koi ponds in all their spectacular glory, for viewers to enjoy in a single awesome DVD program.

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DVD556Koi The Living Jewels (The Ultimate Collection)£27.99 Add to Cart